About Us

At Jersey Advanced MRI & Diagnostic Center, we strive to provide our patients and Physicians with the highest quality diagnostics and the best quality of service expected in an outpatient radiology facility.We bring over 15 years of experience in serving the community with the best radiology testing to aid your referring physician in treating you. 


Our mission:

We promise to provide you the best service and the most comfortable experience possible in our relaxing environment.

Our trained, experienced professionals take the time to get the most precise images so that you get the most accurate diagnosis.

About Us


High Performance Open MRI:


Our patient-oriented High Performance Open MRI systems have revolutionized the comfort of your imaging exam. By eliminating the confining tunnel, which can be claustrophobic and difficult for larger patients, this new award-winning design provides access from all four sides. You can even relax and listen to music with a friend or family member by your side.


This added comfort has a big added benefit: Comfortable, relaxed patients enable the highest quality images to be achieved.


Relax in comfort!


No tunnel or short tunnel


• Listen to music
• Friend or family by your side
• Easy for larger or claustrophobic patients


MRI diagram